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Marykay’s bar, for those who know it, is simple, traditional, with an emphasis on white. Its meat-hooks above the entrance attest to its name, having been a butcher’s shop for many years. It is open almost 24 hours a day, from early morning – for coffee, sandwiches and sweet treats, until late at night – for drinks, music and dancing, to suit all tastes. Marykay, the owner and soul of the bar, has managed to change Oia’s nights by creating a hospitable and lively environment.

Located in a central spot of Oia and its years’ history (est. 1991), shows that the unique and authentic bar of the village is going through an intense and extended adolescence!

Hassapiko is an international meeting point for visitors and residents alike. Here you can run into local and foreign celebrities, fashion victims, modern and classic people, retro fans or whoever else you can think of – as well as the people who work in the village.

Whatever the time, you’ll find friends and familiar faces, catch up on the day’s events, relax and have a really good time. Beauty lies in simple things and Hassapiko offers its simplicity generously.